What we do

We do brokerage and commercialisation of low-carbon energy partnerships.

These might involve electric vehicles, hydrogen fuel cells, alternative water turbine technology, industrial and hazardous LED lighting, distributed energy solutions, power purchase agreements, energy savings performance contracts or asset finance.

Whatever your involvement with energy, we'll find you a powerful low-carbon partner that can help drive your business to a new level.

How GUPTA Smart Energy came about

Over the last ten years we have been drawn into a very different business by our clients.

In the past we were known as an international marketing and communications company. Then clients began to draw us into the business of seeding all-new low carbon technologies which could disrupt entire markets.

Our first major assignment was from Zeropex AS, a Stavanger-based tech start-up who had a great product and had not sold it to anyone. We helped them to secure a framework contract with Scottish Water, so Zeropex's new product made them a market disruptor and our transformation into corporate bridge-maker was underway.

What's the value of becoming a market disruptor?

These days large scale organisations are developing new energy technology and leveraging the advancements of others to disrupt existing markets and penetrate new ones. This trend has seen enterprises increasingly influenced by and interconnected with innovations outside their traditional industry.

Companies are seeking many different partners to create innovative energy solutions and together position themselves at the forefront of new markets with new products and services and enhanced core offerings. This concept allows enterprises to look beyond their four walls to bring in ideas more quickly and frequently in order to enhance their operations—and also save time and money.

The change in competitive landscape requires changes in how large enterprises innovate and compete. Successful enterprises are becoming market disruptors because they have the capacity to work with emerging companies, and have the scale and resources to achieve their business transformation objectives that the smaller players lack.

What does GUPTA Smart Energy bring to the process?

Internal and external bridge-makers can act as gateways to the external innovation ecosystem. When looking externally, an enterprise may benefit most by working with an external bridge-maker such as Gupta Smart Energy that can make connections between major players in the innovation ecosystem, bringing an understanding of both industry-specific and cross-industry trends into the discussion.

Working with an external bridge-maker, enterprises can collaborate with an extended ecosystem of partners and more quickly incorporate emerging technologies into their operations to drive business transformation while minimising risk.

Enterprises need a constant, fresh supply of innovation

While internal bridge-makers have deep insight into the needs of their business and technology, they may not have a view into the broader innovation landscape across other industries. External bridge-makers connect the innovation demand side with the supply side, composed of the universities, R&D centres, start-ups and entrepreneurs who develop innovations that meet the needs of the market.

These are all sources of ideas that can fuel an enterprise’s research agenda, identify trends that shape strategy and roadmaps, develop new products and solutions and explore new markets. In each case, a bridge-maker can serve as a critical facilitator between the players, variously as an intermediary to help connect an organisation to the appropriate partner, act as a buffer between partners with conflicting cultures, provide support in mitigating risk and assist in piloting and deploying energy technologies.

Changing roles of GUPTA Smart ​Energy

Roles within an ecosystem are fluid and can change constantly too. In one initiative, Gupta Smart Energy could play the role of a bridge-maker, and in the next, the role of a partner or vendor. It is important for enterprises to examine the best way to leverage their internal or external bridge-makers to achieve their objectives.
Based on a bridge-maker’s understanding of technology trends and knowledge of client needs, they can proactively bring the most promising technologies to their enterprise clients. Bridge-makers can also help enterprises recognise opportunities to grow beyond traditional go-to-market alliances and join forces with a number of third parties to co-innovate, share information and technology and explore new business models together.

Out of the silo and up to the helicopter view

When assessing how disruption in other industries could apply to the enterprise, it is important that business goals should span all business functions instead of focusing on a single function or silo in the business. Those on the outside can help identify what trends are happening in other industries and how they may impact the enterprise. Based on this knowledge, the company can use the 'helicopter view' to define high-level business goals and the technology innovations that will drive them.
With Gupta Smart Energy as bridge-maker, they can unlock new possibilities that did not previously exist within the walls of their organisation and move ahead boldly to transform their business.