Cyber Security

With our increasing involvement with smart cities, the IoT and autonomous cars we have no option but to delve deep into cyber security to ensure the safety of all three. To do this we have a unique partner in Swiss-based TWD Industries AG / TrustLeap.

About TrustLeap
TrustLeap, the security division of TWD Industries AG, protects digital assets with cryptanalytically unbreakable technology (safe against unlimited computing power as it is proven mathematically that no key leaks can be exploited). The TrustLeap secure platform leverages offers of enterprise, cloud, networking, digital media and financial services in global strategic markets.

TrustLeap lets partners and users form dynamic ecosystems where duly accredited strangers can safely trust each-other. Establishing widespread trust enables organizations to secure their infrastructure, raise the value of their offers and safely market their digital assets.

What makes TWD's technology different from the rest?

In short, it is the ONLY ONE offering:

  • a frontdoor to replace/disable existing backdoors
  • full "post-quantum" security (Academia is lost)
  • mathematically-proven as unbreakable cryptography
  • cryptography that suits RFID tags and datacentres
  • a plug & play transparent way (distributed L2 VPN)that works without configuration and secures:
                  - all the IoT (cars, MedTech, FinTech, etc.)
                  - all the applications (Web , VoIP, Database ...)
  • recommended by Swiss Army's Chief of Cyber-Defence
  • ASIC chips studied by a Polytechnic School (EPFL)

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